Panasonic no longer world’s most inventive tech firm

8 years ago by in Featured, Technology

Chinese telecom maker ZTE Corp. overtook Panasonic in last year’s hierarchy of international patent applications filed, with 2,826 versus the 2,463 of the Japanese firm.

ZTE filed 958 more applications last year, compared with previous year. Panasonic’s filings went up by only 310, according to Kyodo.

The data was published by the World Intellectual Property Organization, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The next two spots were occupied by other companies from the two countries. China’s Huawei Technologies was placed third with 1,831 filings, while Japan’s Sharp Corp. was fourth, with 1,755. Another company from Japan, Toshiba, was seventh, with 1,417 applications.

The largest number of applications continues to come from the U.S., with 48,596 applications, up 8 percent from the previous year. Japan is number two, with 38,888 applications and a much higher growth rate, at 21 percent.

The Geneva-based organization said that the total number of applications received last year was up 10.7 percent, at 181,900.