Panasonic shows phones that “talk” to ovens and TVs

8 years ago by in Featured, Technology

Japanese tech maker Panasonic will launch two mobile phones in cooperation with NTT DoCoMo that can communicate with household appliances, like ovens, rice cookers and TVs.

The phones, which belong to the Eluga range, were presented at a demonstration in Tokyo. The devices can send photos wirelessly to the TV, play video received from a digital recorder, download food recipes and send instructions to cooking appliances using their incorporated RFID chips.

The phones are compatible with Panasonic’s wireless charging platform. They can, for example, be charged if placed on top of a digital recorder that acts as a wireless charging station.

Tech makers like Panasonic or Sony are lately trying to create technological ecosystems for their products, as a strategy to differentiate from competition, analysts say. They hope to lure consumers into buying more of their products, if the gadgets can communicate with each other.

So far, this can also be seen as a problem for consumers, since different products belonging to different brands usually can not communicate with each other.

You can watch below a video demonstration of Panasonic’s two new phones.