Paper wrapper breaks chowing down taboo for Japanese women

8 years ago by in Business, Entertainment

According to the eating etiquette in Japan, women should take only small bites and have their meal in a ladylike style. Having a burger, which implies taking big bites and getting ketchup, sauce or mayonnaise on their nose or chin, is anything but attractive for the Japanese ladies, considering the local manners.

However, a chain restaurant in Japan, called the Freshness Burger, has found a solution for women to enjoy a big bite without looking rude. It came up with something called the liberation wrapper, which consists of big paper wrapper covering both the burger and half of the woman’s face while she is eating. On it is a picture of a woman’s closed, smiling mouth, so all one can see from the front is just a slight moving of the real woman’s head.

“In public, a large open mouth is regarded as ugly and rude,” says the product’s presentation video. “… This means they are denied the wild pleasure of taking mouth-size bites of this big tasty burger freely in public.”

The presentation video says sales of the classic burger (the big one) to female customers are up 213 percent from the previous month, according to the international press.