Penguin-hunt at Tokyo zoo

7 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

A penguin that escaped from a zoo in Tokyo was still not found on Monday, after officials of the establishment searched the area without success.

The one-year-old penguin escaped from an enclosure where it lived with 134 other penguins of the same kind, Humboldt. It apparently escalated a sheer rock twice its size. Wildlife has sometimes an “explosive” power when frightened by something, explained an official at the facility Tokyo Sea Life Park. “Maybe it ran up the rock after being surprised,” he said.

The 60-centimetre tall penguin was last seen swimming in a river in the Japanese capital.

“It’s a bit of a struggle to catch it when it is swimming, because it swims at a tremendous speed,” the zoo official said. “We are hoping to catch it when it climbs up on land to sleep.”

The penguin’s escape was already compared by the press with the scenario of the animated movie Madagascar (2005), where a group of penguins plans an escape during a transport.