People Watching in Harajuku

10 years ago by in Travel

I have absolutely zero interest in fashion or trends. I am about as unfashionable as one can get . But I do love observing people in public places.

Wait…. I think that makes me sound a little creepy. Well, creepier then normal.

Anyway here are some interesting people I saw last time I was in Harajuku.

Keitai Cutie.

School Girls

I think it is in the Operator’s Manual for my camera that I must take a picture of at least one group of School Girls a day while in Japan.

Camo Girl
West Side
Blue Phone
Ballon Girl


Surprise and Disgust

I really love the expressions on both of their faces.

He’s McLovin

Ice Cream

Nothing is better on a hot day than a nice ice cream cone.