PlayStation 4 will arrive in Japan next year

5 years ago by in Technology

Although Japan is usually among the first countries to use the latest technology, when it comes to PlayStation 4, the latest video game console from one of its own companies, Sony, the country will have to wait.

Sony officials stated on Monday that the company will start selling the PlayStation 4 in Japan only on February 22, 2014, about three months after scheduled release dates in the United States and Europe, which are November 15 and November 29.

The reason for the delay is a shortage of games aimed at Japanese players, according to Andrew House, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment.

“It has been something of a learning curve for Japanese developers in getting up to speed with the networked style of play,” House said. “We need to make sure we have great games for Japanese consumers in place.”

“I have every hope that this will be our largest launch for any holiday season console,” he added. “We are experiencing demand that, in my experience in the industry, we have never seen before.”

The PlayStation 4 is aimed to revive the performance of Sony’s electronics business, at least these are the plans of the Sony chief executive, Kazuo Hirai, according to the international press.