PlayStation Vita continues to suffer in Japan

8 years ago by in Business, Technology

Sony has launched the PlayStation Vita in Japan but a series of bugs has forced the company to release an apology statement soon after. Analysts now wonder if the Vita will have the expected success for Sony, which is battling Microsoft and others on the gaming market.

Several bugs plagued the launch of the Vita, including freezing screens, GPS locating information, problems turning the device on and logging in to PlayStation Network.

The new device has succeeded in selling more than 321,000 units in the first weekend, nearly double compared to the previous Sony portable gaming console, the PSP. Compared however to the current rival Nintendo 3DS, which sold over 371,000 units in its opening weekend, the Vita is still low.

The new console is of great importance to Sony on the rising market of video gaming. It is particularly significant because of the public relations disaster which affected earlier this year the PlayStation Network.

The Vita sports a five-inch touchscreen, rear touchpad and front- and rear-facing cameras. It will be launched in the United States on Feb. 22.