PM Noda says election not a priority

6 years ago by in Featured, Politics

Japanese prime minister Yoshihiko Noda has likely angered opposition when he said on Monday that election is not an urgency, as his job is not finished and the risk for a “political vacuum” that would stall reforms should be avoided.

Noda has promised in August that general elections would be organized soon, but did not say exactly when, leaving the topic open to speculation.

“In order to fulfill my ‘responsibility for tomorrow’, I cannot abandon jobs halfway to their completion,” Noda said. “We shouldn’t create at will a political vacuum that would cause policies to stall.”

Elections must be held by August next year, but analysts believe Noda is unlikely to give the go-ahead in the near future, as his ruling Democratic Party is scoring low in the polls.

Noda is trying to push forward the fiscal reform, with one of the most important project being the doubling of the sale tax.

“No government can manage the current public finances without the bill,” Noda said, calling for support from the opposition. “If the situation is left as it is, administrative services could stall, which would seriously affect people’s livelihoods and thwart efforts to revive the economy.”