PM opposed by own party on resuming nuclear power

7 years ago by in Featured, Politics

Prime minister Yoshihiko Noda was expected to receive on Tuesday a petition signed by nearly a third of his party’s lawmakers, who ask him to show caution about restarting nuclear reactors in Japan, amid public concern that such an action may not be safe.

Noda is making efforts to reopen two reactors in western Japan before the start of the peak-demand summer season and such a decision could be announced as early as this week, the international press comments.

The lawmakers said in the petition that, according to surveys,”the majority of people think that we can survive this summer by conserving energy and transferring electricity among regions”.

They urge Noda “to consider the fact that there is insufficient agreement within the party and among the people and the feelings of the 160,000 victims of the disaster”, and add that he should ”be all the more cautious about a decision to restart the reactors.”

Noda said on Monday that resuming the operations of the idled reactors was vital, not only to avoid power blackouts during the summer, but also to protect the economy from higher electricity rates.