Radioactive concrete in new Fukushima apartment building

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An apartment block built last July about 55 kilometers from the Fukushima nuclear plant was found to contain radioactive concrete.

The government has started an investigation to see how the construction went on, after radiation of up to 1.24 microsieverts per hour was recorded in the three-stories building in Nihonmatsu, Fukushima.

About 12 families live in the apartment block, which was constructed with concrete made from gravel from a quarry near the Fukushima nuclear plant. Even if the annual radiation exposure in the building only goes to half of the limit set by the authorities before ordering an evacuation, the government will investigate the case to see its causes and whether other similar problems could come up.

“We want to go ahead with an investigation into quarries within the no-go zone and check if there are similar cases,” said chief cabinet secretary Osamu Fujimura on Monday.

The government is also interested in cooling down the national radiation scare that has affected the country since the nuclear incident at Fukushima plant, which occurred last year in March.