Railway station in Japan spreads love to its visitors

5 years ago by in Entertainment

A remote railway station in Tottori Prefecture, Japan, was recently renovated with a motif of love. Starting with Sunday, romantic visitors can enjoy Koiyamagata Station’s design featuring bright shades of pink and heart designs.

At the moment, Koiyamagata is rarely used, with only around two visitors a day, but that might change along with the station’s renovation. The walls and roof, as well as a bench, fence and trash box, have been painted pink, while the station name plate is heart-shaped.

“We hope young and old people visit the station as a place for successful love,” Shunsaku Okamura, president of railway operator Chizu Express Co., said, according to Kyodo news agency.

A couple from Okayama Prefecture hung the first tablets featuring a written declaration of love, while the station’s operator hopes there will many more to come.

The idea to color the station in pink emerged from a project beginning last year to promote Japan’s four stations whose names contain “koi,” meaning love in Japanese, as “love stations.”