Unicorns Do Exist, They Are Just Hidden In This Asian Country…

7 years ago by in South East Asia

One of the world’s rarest animals has been unexpectedly caught on a trail cam in one of Vietnam’s dense forests. People call this animal the “Asian Unicorn”. What is more shocking, however,  is the fact that no one has seen this animal for over a decade. It was unknown whether or not they were hunted to extinction for their unique horns. But, now we know for sure that the unicorn is back.


The real name of this unique animal is “saola.” It was spotted in one of the forests in Vietnam.


Thanks to a trail camera that was placed in Vietnam’s central Annamite mountain, photographs of a saola  walking around freely in the forest were captured.




As quoted from Vietnam’s WWF Van Ngoc Thinh, “When our team first looked at the photos we couldn’t believe our eyes. Saolas are the holy grail for South East Asian conservationists, so there was a lot of excitement.”




One saola was discovered in the mountains near Laos in the year 1992. A team of WWF and Vietnam’s forest control agency discovered a very interesting find in a hunter’s home. They found a skull that had unusual horns. As you can see from the photos, the saola has two horns which means that it’s not really a unicorn.



Although it’s not really a unicorn, the saola will still keep the nickname “Asian unicorn.”


Since it’s the first mammal that has been discovered in 50 years, WWF has hired forest guards to remove snares and battle illegal hunting to keep the animal safe.


Source: dailymail.co.uk