This Was His Last Picture Because Of What Happened Right After It Was Taken

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Above is a happy teenager that was posing for the picture. But, not long after the picture was taken, something terrible had happened.

Cheng Changjiang, an 18 year old, was taking a break after his exam. He posed for pictures in a spot that’s located in Xinyang, at Henan Province in Central China. What’s going to happen next is truly awful.

Cheng had a decision. He could risk his life or not, but he decided to risk it all. Fully understanding that the consequence of what he would do could be permanent he risked his life to save the children who were in trouble.

He quickly noticed that there were three children who had fell into the water and were nearly drowning. Young Cheng Changjiang had no clue how to swim, but he still jumped into the water so that he can save the kids.


He heard the screams of the children and what’s incredible is that he didn’t even hesitate to go into the water and save them.

Cheng had saved two children and was in the process of saving the last child. A man quickly came to his aid. Cheng Changjiang had handed the 11 year old to the man who was helping him. Unfortunately, Cheng had already sank underwater before they can save him.

Bystanders came to offer help and when they were finally able to pull Cheng out of the water, he had already passed away. One bystander said, “When we pulled him from the water, he was already dead. There was no chance to save his life.”

It was an amazing sacrifice that Cheng put others ahead of himself. Even if it had a permanent consequence, he still chose to save the children. Everyone needs to know how Cheng became a real life super hero.
Source: DailyMail