Record breaker Miura will not climb Mt. Everest again

6 years ago by in Japan

Japanese alpinist Yuichiro Miura, who broke the record last week for being the oldest climber of Mt. Everest at 80, said on Sunday that it was the last time when he climbs the Earth’s highest mountain.

“Three times is enough,” Miura said several hours after he traveled by helicopter from Camp 2 of Everest to Katmandu.

Miura made it to the top of the 8,848-meter mountain together with his son, who accompanied him for the second time. Their first joint climb was in 2003.

Last time when Miura climbed the mountain was in 2008, at the age of 75, and said at the time that being 80 years old is nothing. But this time it was more difficult.

“At this point, I can’t think of anything but rest,” he said, according to Kyodo.

Despite his arrhythmia, Miura did not have an irregular heartbeat during the climb. He was, however, unexpectedly exhausted after the summit day, his doctor said.

Miura, for whom sushi will be his first dish after he reaches Japan, added that his record-setting climb has a message to octogenarians in Japan — that one must not give up on one’s dreams.

He thanked the Japanese and Nepali people who supported his climb and was especially full of praise for Nepali Sherpas.

The climb “could not have been successful without the help of the Nepali people, especially Sherpas who defended our lives,” he said.

“My happiest memory of this trip is that no one got hurt in our expedition,” he added. “I felt no altitude sickness, diarrhea or headache,” he said.