Red Cross Japan warns a year has been wasted

8 years ago by in Featured, Japan

The year that passed since the natural disaster that struck Japan in March 2011 was wasted because the government and local authorities did not managed to agree on a general common plan, the Japanese Red Cross said.

More efforts are needed to bring the region back to life faster, it said, as the delays in rebuilding the areas destroyed by the tsunami are worsening the mental suffering of the inhabitants.

“Without reaching any agreement on a master plan for rehabilitation and reconstruction, it’s very difficult to even start a reconstruction process. I think the first thing is to hasten this process,” said Tadateru Konoe, the president of Japanese Red Cross.

“The slow pace of reconstruction along Japan’s devastated northeastern coastline is contributing to survivors’ stress, as there is little clarity on how long they will have to remain in cramped temporary housing,” the organization said in a statement.

The Japanese Red Cross has collected about Y400 billion ($4.95 billion) in the past year from domestic and international donations. It paid about Y290 billion in cash directly to residents affected by the natural disasters.