Restaurant to fine clients for not finishing their meals

8 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

sukko meshiA Japanese restaurant in Sapporo announced it will fine its clients if they do not finish everything they have on their plates, including the last small grain of rice. The Hachikyo seafood restaurant is famous for its tsukko meshi, a dish of salmon roe piled sky-high on a bed of rice.

The dish costs about $20, so having to also pay a fine for not being able to finish the food might seem ridiculous. However, Midori Yokoyama, a Japanese blogger, explains after paying a visit to the restaurant:

“According to the explanation in the menu, the working conditions for fishermen are harsh and so dangerous that it is not unknown for lives to be lost. To show our gratitude and appreciation for the food they provide, it is forbidden to leave even one grain of rice in your bowl. Customers who do not finish their tsukko meshi must give a donation.”

Given the circumstances, the fine might be somehow justified, the international press comments. However, the restaurant has one more rather drastic rule: clients are not allowed to touch their rice until they finished the salmon roe.

The restaurant’s owner is also known for sending his wait staff to work on a fishing boat, so they can understand the difficult working conditions of fishermen.