Robots to work the land in tsunami destroyed area

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Japan is planning to spend $52 million in the next 6 years to have robots working the farmland fields in areas destroyed by the tsunami.

The “Dream Project” intends to make use of leading technology to restore land that was flooded and polluted when the tsunami waves hit Japan on March 11 last year.

About 24,000 hectares in the northeast of the country were lost for agriculture, while the Fukushima nuclear crisis has severely undermined trust in local products due to radiation fears.

Among the companies expected to take part in the project are Panasonic, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Sharp and others, according to the Japanese press.

“We hope the project will help not only support farmers in the disaster-hit regions but also revive the entire nation’s agriculture,” said a government official.

Robots will do the lifting and harvesting, while the carbon dioxide produced in the process will be channeled back to crops to help them grow and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers. No word on where they plan to sell the potentially radioactive robot farmed food.