Ruling party promises to phase out nuclear energy in Japan

8 years ago by in Featured, Japan

The ruling Democratic Party of Japan has eventually taken a clear decision on the sensitive matter of the future of nuclear energy in the country.

Pressed by the upcoming elections, the DPJ has decided that it would support the phasing out of nuclear energy in the 2030s, following the Fukushima crisis last year.

A few months ago, leaders of the party had said the same thing, but they changed their mind shortly after, because of strong lobby efforts from business representatives. They have never since then defined a clear direction on the matter of nuclear energy, despite repeated protests across the country from anti-nuclear activists.

The DPJ has now taken a clear stance on the matter and even highlighted differences with its rival party that has stopped short of clarifying their intentions on nuclear energy policy, Kyodo reported.

“We seek to move forward this big policy (of phasing out nuclear power by 2030s) steadily,” prime minister Yoshihiko Noda who heads the Democratic Party of Japan said on Tuesday.

The DPJ will devote “all policy resources” to achieve that goal, he added.