Check Out His Awesome Samurai Freestyle Football Skills In Brazil [video]

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Everyone pretty much knows the huge event taking place in Brazil right? If you didn’t know, the 2014 FIFA World Cup is taking place in Brazil. Everyone is so pumped for the show, whether it’s media or businesses. Japan is one of the country that’s launching brands that are 2014 FIFA World Cup themed products. There is one advertisement that really stands out. Cup noodle maker Nissin has created a advertisement with a combination of ¬†tradition Japan and modern Brazil. If you’re wondering what that is, you’re in for a treat.

Nissin Cup Noodles launched an video advertising their instant noodles. They’re advertising it under the slogan ‘Samurai, Fujiyama, Cup Noodle.’

What exactly is that all about? It features a samurai that is in modern-day Brazil. The samurai has come back from medieval Japan to show the whole world his awesome freestyle football skills.


Wait… what?! Yup, you heard me. A masked and armored samurai has been popping up all over Brazil to show off his tricks with the ball before ending it in a freestyle-football-off. You’d think that the armor is going to be a heavy, but looks like it’s not a big deal for this masked samurai. It’s amazing how¬†this samurai kicks the ball and then flips himself while perfectly controlling the ball.

What is freestyle football (Also known as soccer for North Americans)? It’s a cross between performance art and sport. People can perform tricks with the ball while doing a sort of hip-hop style dance. Sounds cool huh?

The masked samurai is actually one talented Japanese freestyle footballer named Tokuda Kotaro. He has won so many competitions including freestyle world championships.

Here is a video of Tokuda at the Red Bull Street Style Finals…

This is probably the most fun and original advertisement seen out of Japan.

Source: Japaaan Magazine

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