Scientists record a thought being formed in the brain

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fish brainA team of Japanese scientists captured, for the first time, a video of a thought being formed in the brain. Although it is not a human brain, but one of a baby fish, scientists were able to see how informations are transmitted through a vast structure of neurons.

The process was similar to a miniature lightning, the international press reports. The scientists used a baby zebrafish, a fish species that has a particular characteristic: in their embryonic or larval states, zebrafish are almost transparent.


The hungry baby fish was dosed with fluorescencing agents that glow when neurons are activated. Then, the scientists induced a paramecium – a small organism about 200 micrometers in length -, which made the zebrafish think about food, and thus about catching the paramecium. The fish sent neural impulses in “optic tectum,” a region of the midbrain, which were able to be seen due to the super-sensitive fluorescent substance that detects neuron activity.

The whole process was conducted and video recorded by a team of scientists including Professor Koichi Kawakami from Japan’s National Institute of Genetics.