Scottish specialists to help with Fukushima clean-up

9 years ago by in Featured, World

The team in charge with cleaning up radioactive particles on the seabed of Scotland’s north coast could help Japan find better ways of dealing with the Fukushima plant.

The Scottish Dounreay area was affected by polluting substances discharged into the sea by a liquid discharge pipe in the 1960s and 1970s. The pipe brought contaminating particles into the sea and on the local beaches.

Members of the team that has worked  cleaning the Scottish coastline have travelled to Japan to make use of their ability to help with the Fukushima clean-up operations. They also donated equipment to the local clean-up team.

“At Dounreay, we had a release of radioactive material beyond the site, increasing public anxiety in the late 1990s about the potential health effects and controls put in place to protect public health,” said Phil Cartwright, senior manager of the Scottish project. Lessons learned in Scotland could be valuable to Japan, he added, even if the Asian country is facing a project of larger dimensions.

Japan’s project has significant challenges both on and off site “but the issues they face are similar to those we had to work through, even though ours were on a smaller and more localised scale,” Cartwright said.