Search for escaped Tokyo penguin stopped after a month

8 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

Staff at Tokyo Sea Life Park announced they stopped searching for a penguin that escaped last month, as they failed to obtain any credible clues on the bird’s whereabouts.

“Although we believe the penguin is doing OK somewhere in a river near Tokyo Bay, we don’t know what else to do after nearly a month of searching,” said a representative of the park.

The penguin may have moved to an area away from the park, which makes it more difficult for the search operation, as Tokyo Bay is rather big, the park official said.

“We hope to get fresh sightings in August, when the bird molts and its adult black-and-white feathers emerge because it will be easier for ordinary people to recognize it as a penguin,” he added.

The one-year-old penguin escaped from an enclosure where it lived with 134 other penguins of the same kind, Humboldt. It apparently escalated a sheer rock twice its size.