Seen A Pallas’s Cat Before? Only Found In Asia, They Are Surprisingly Cute

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This is the Pallas’s Cat, also known as Manul. They are adorable little wildcats that live in the grasslands of Central Asia. You might even think that these are the greatest animals ever created. Looking at these pictures can make you want to cuddle with this fluffy adorable animal. Don’t worry, that feeling is natural. They were named after a German naturalist, named Peter Simon Pallas, who was the first to write about this cat  species in the year 1776.


1) Don’t you just want to cuddle this adorable animal? 🙂


2) Say cheese!


3) Arrrg! Half pirate, half Pallas’s cat.


4) *Le yawn*


5) Sleepy, sleepy.


6) It’s so fluffy, I’m going to die!!

PallasCat6 (1)

7) Can you even believe that I exist?!


8) Well, now you do! Wait… what’s this thing?


Thank you Mr. Peter Simon for letting us know this beautiful fluffy creature exists!

Source:  derschneefiel