Seijin Shiki

10 years ago by in Travel

Seijin Shiki or 成人式 could be translated as the ‘Coming of Age Day’ in English. It’s a Japanese holiday that occurs on every second Monday of January, it honors every person that has turned 20 years old over the past year. When they turn that age they officially become adults and they now have responsibilities as well as newfound liberties such as being able to drink, smoke, go to hostess bars, gamble and to drive legally.

Hello minasan!

The girls always wear gorgeous and very expensive kimonos, although most admit having rentals due to the fact that each are worth about 1’000’000 yen. The boys usually wear a regular suit and tie but you can always see a few wearing the traditional japanese kimono.


The ceremony takes place in every city ward around Japan, everyone can attend the event at their local city office at around 11:30am.


If ever you are in Japan next year in early January, Saijin Shiki is a great way to have fun and to see some young Japanese people in traditional clothing