Sensoji Temple

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For Hatsudmode (first pray of the year) I went to the temple at Asakusa, the Sensoji Temple.


The first thing you’ll when going to the Sensoji temple is thegate called Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate).

One of the things I love the most when I go to this temple that his nakamise. A shopping street of over 250 meters

So many kind of souvenires, but prices is higher than regular shops.

Also some food like this dango.

You can also find some sandals, they have big size.

One of my favorite drinks in winter is the amazake, a hot and sweet drink made from rices.

Here some postcards, not so easy to find in Japan, based on famous wood stamp prints.


The nakamise finished on another gate, the Hozomon (Treasure House Gate), the entrance to the inner complex.

At the center of the inner complex, there is a large incense burner where people literally take a bathe of the healing smoke of gods. Using their hands. they direct the smoke where they need.

(sorry didn’t take photos of the temple itself,. It was under renovation)
Inside the temple, you may assist to some sorts of ceremonies, the wood box in the front it’s where people throw money and make their wish.

After making your wish or your pray, you can go outside take an omikuji for a donation of 100 yen (fortunes written on paper).
You’ll have to shake the metal box to shuffle the sticks inside. When you got a stick, check the number on it (in kanji), it refers to a drawer with your fortune in it.

Good or bad fortune, you’ll have to attach it to a wall of metal wires alongside.
It’s little bit tricky to make a node with a piece of paper.