Shibuya Crossing through the years

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One of the most iconic places in Tokyo undoubtedly is Shibuya crossing, with the Qfront building that houses, amongst others, Starbucks Coffee and Tsutaya stores.

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The Qfront building opened in 1999.

When tidying up my folders of pictures from various trips to Japan, I came across some interesting images.

Shibuya crossing and Qfront in 2009

Shibuya crossing and Qfront in 2009

Shibuya crossing ten years earlier, in 1998

Shibuya crossing ten years earlier, in 1998. The building of Qfront had just started. Strange isn’t it, that big gap in the familiar view?

As an aside: upon arrival in Japan, I bought a throwaway camera that was Pokemon themed . After I had the pictures developed (this was before the digital age – when we were still using film in cameras ^_^), it turned out that Pikachu was added to every shot!

Shibuya crossing, in 1995

Shibuya crossing in 1995. It shows the building that was taken down to make way for Qfront.

This picture I took during my first visit to Japan. I was in Tsukuba for business for two weeks, and took the bus to Tokyo during the weekends. I hadn’t done any research beforehand and did not know what to expect when going to the city. I remember my proverbial jaw dropping when cruising through Shibuya and Shinjuku. I was astounded and excited, but also quickly felt at home.

Although I have enjoyed every subsequent trip to Tokyo, there’s nothing that beats that first time. Especially as I was so unprepared. How was your first time in Japan or Tokyo?