Shingashi River 新河岸川

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Greetings folks, been missing in action for quite awhile here.

April’s a busy month for most people in Japan as we all know, and I lately I’ve moved from Tokyo to Saitama to attend university here.

This post is filled with pictures I took from last weekend.

The weather during the weekend was great that I’d regret it if I didn’t take the chance to explore and discover more places!

Furokawa (不老川) flows into Shingashigawa (新河岸川)

The name Shingashi might be unfamiliar among folks in Tokyo. It’s actually one of the rivers that will eventually flows into the Arakawa (荒川).
It’s located near Kawagoe (川越), one of the larger city in Saitama. North-West from Ikebukuro, accessible via Tobu Tojo line (東武東上線).

Trying panoramic.
I was actually exploring alongside the riverbank to see where will the river leads me to.

Gorgeous flowers; Gorgeous spring!

Having spending a year over here in Japan, I’d say my favourite season would be Spring! 😀

My bicycle. One of the most convenient stuff living in Japan.

One thing I kinda like about Saitama is the abundance of spaces and a little touch of nature such as this one.

Stretching from another side of the river.

Clear river, scenic greens and blue skies. Good images of Japan.

There’s this pathway alongside the riverbank which make it a great spot for folks to walk on it.
As for my case, I ride on it!

The weather had been going awry lately, especially last week when there’s a day around 10’C.
Great weather like this is definitely a welcoming sight, the weather to mark the end of chilling winter.

Saitama’s a great place to stay in for folks who wanna get out of the busy life in Tokyo, perhaps sounded a little more like retirement plan.
Just that, to get to one place and another, you’ll need either a bicycle or car as the train service is kinda limited here (distance from station especially).

As evening reaches, this familiar "light bulb" pops out from the west side.

I used to refer sunset as "egg yolk" because the yellow-orange colour looks just like an egg!

Well then I hope you guys would enjoy the post. Golden Week’s here and if you don’t have any plans yet, why not go out to explore places around you that you haven’t been before?