Shinjuku Golden Gai

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Shinjuku is probably one of the busiest places ever. Shinjuku is probably best known for its skyscrapers, shopping area, and entertainment district.

You probably have heard about Kabuki cho the entertainment district right? Well, just a few minutes from Kabukicho there is an area called Golden Gai, a couple of streets filled with a few small but unique bars.

A friend of mine recently introduced me to this area and so I decided to have a look around. Golden Gai is an awesome watering hole for those who want to spend good times with good friends.

Walking down the streets during the day looses some of the magic and the atmosphere of the place but I want to show you the little things that make this such a little gem.

There is a little park near Kabukicho, rather than trying to describe to you how to to bet there, let me just show you: Golden Gai

This is one of the first bars you can see in the area, I heard its a great drinking place on the weekends.

Sleepy cat in the afternoon. I don’t know if he is local to the area but he looked too cute to ignore.

Golden Gai has many mini streets filled with mini bars.

Each bar has a different looking door.

Love this sign

I heard that Golden gai will be torn down to make way for new buildings, I don’t know if that is true but I do hope that doesn’t happen any time soon.

loads of fliers for future events at the local theater.

I’d like to check out one or two of these performances in the future. Want to join me?

N.B. Guys, be careful about where and what photos you take. If here is a granny around that area, run! She doesn’t seem to like tourists or people taking pictures around the area.

I wish I knew more about this place, and had more pocket money to come here and drink with friends. Alas, wifey would rather I stay home and keep her company, hence the lack of pocket money.
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