Ship crash off Japan coast kills 5 local crew members

8 years ago by in Japan

Eifuku Maru No. 18 ship crashed near Japan’s Izu Oshima island, about 100 kilometers south of Tokyo at 1:30 a.m. local time on Friday. The accident killed at least five Japanese crew members, while one more is missing.

The Japanese Coast Guard confirmed the deaths on Saturday, the international media reports. The local authorities sent coast guard patrol vessels and airplanes to search for the missing people.

The 500-ton vessel Eifuku Maru No. 18 collided with a 3,000-ton Sierra Leone-registered cargo and capsized.

The five dead members of the crew were found onboard the ship by the rescue team.

The sixth person, also a member of the crew, was 61-year-old Tamao Miki. He is still missing and a rescue operation is reportedly underway.

All the 13 crew members of the Sierra Leonean cargo survived and are now in safe conditions, the media says.

On Friday, the Japanese Transport Safety Board sent three officials to the coast guard’s office in the port city of Shimoda in southern Shizuoka prefecture to launch an investigation into the cause of the accident.