Shizuoka's RX-78-2 Gundam

9 years ago by in Travel

Was able to visit the Gundam in Shizuoka before they finally dismantled it. Unfortunately, because of the major earthquake recently experienced, it closed really early which means no night shots and laser shows. Nevertheless, the sunset was still pretty amazing. I really didn’t want to leave since I wanted a night shot of the robot. But the guards are just getting annoyed of me standing my ground, so they blocked my camera with their hands and escorted me out of the area.

If you want to learn HDR, I got my own tutorial here: HDR Worlkflow

Gundam Sunset

There was no light show but the sunset was pretty dramatic

Standing Proud

The Gundam seem to be as tall as the Docomo building behind it


My last shot before I was escorted out of the area.