The Constitutional Change That Made This Man Set Himself on Fire In Protest

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Unidentified man announces on his megaphone that he was going to set himself on fire in protest of Abe’s plan of collective self-defense.


The 50 year old Japanese man set himself on fire on at the Shinjuku station Sunday afternoon to protest against Shinzo Abe. Abe is in the process of easing the limits of Japan’s pacifist constitution, a change that could one day allow the country to participate in military battles. The change became official this past Tuesday. The previous constitution enforced strict rules that prohibited Japan from anything other than defensive military action.

The unidentified man spent one hour criticizing the changes through a loud speaker. Witnesses watched as the man poured flammable liquid all over himself and set himself on fire. He survived.

A 18 year old student, Ryuichiro Nakatsu, witnessed the incident and said, “He was sitting cross legged and was just talking so I thought it would end without incident. But when I came back to the same place 30 minutes later, he was still there. Then all of a sudden his body was enveloped in fire. He was yelling against the government, about collective self defense.”

After he had set himself on fire, the fire-fighters quickly took action and hose the fire down with water. Once the fire died down, the man was taken immediately to the hospital.



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There is a video but it’s too graphic. Below you will find pictures from the video. The video was taken on an iPhone which is why the pictures will look like these.

Moments after the man lit himself on fire and the firefighters attempt to hose the fire down with water.

After a few minutes, the firefighters finally put out the fire. The man is on the ground while they surround him. 


 The man had some type of flammable liquid inside plastic bottles which also caught on fire.4

The firefighters carried the man onto a stretcher and later took him to the hospital. He survived and the change in law went into effect the following Tuesday.