Single women could freeze their ova for future fertilization

8 years ago by in Fashion
Women who are not married could froze their eggs and use them later in vitro fertilization, according to the Japan Society for Reproductive Medicine that has started making new guidelines in order to clarify rules on the frozen storage of ova.

The initiative comes as the result of a gradually increased average age of childbearing, while a growing number of institutions are expected to start freezing ova, according to the international press.

The Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology’s guidelines allow couples who use fertility treatment and cancer patients whose ovaries might not be able to function anymore to freeze their eggs in order to use them in the future for having a baby.

No Japanese medical society has ever presented before its view on single women regarding this topic.

According to the new guidelines, women aged over 40 are not recommended to harvest their ova for reproductive purposes, nor women aged over 45 to use their frozen eggs for fertilization, in order to avoid risks that might occur during pregnancies at such ages.

Eggs are to be discarded when the woman who produced them dies, according to the draft.

Eggs are preserved by flash-freezing them at minus 196 degrees Celsius in liquid nitrogen. Although the freezing of fertilized eggs has been common, it used to be difficult to freeze eggs before fertilization due to their fragile cell membrane