Six arrested in Android-fraud case

8 years ago by in Featured, Technology

Six men have been arrested in Japan for a fraud worth Y20 million that involved the Android smartphone operating system, a virus and a porn site.

The adult website was used to distribute an Android virus that was request a fee to be paid while stealing users’ personal information, like email addresses and phone numbers.

The Android app could be downloaded via a porn site and would then claim to give access to videos if the users would pay a fee, alternatively the app threatened to spread the users personal information. From the 9,252 users who downloaded the app, 211 paid the fee. The six men thus collected about Y21 million in fictitious fees, according to police data quoted by the Japanese press.

Two of the six arrested men are executives of Japanese information technology firms. A third one is a former executive of a Tokyo IT company that no longer exists.

According to the police, it is the first time when arrests are made in a case involving distribution of a smartphone virus.