Six Fujiko F Fujio Characters Combined Into One Awesome Model

7 years ago by in Entertainment, Japan


The new Transformers movie has got everyone talking. It’s been shooting up the box offices all around the world but have you ever wondered what would happen if you combine six different Fujiko F Fujio characters into an awesome Transformer? That is exactly what Bandai Tamashii did and called the artwork the Chogokin Chogattai SF Robot Fujiko F Fujio Character Robot.

Test your manga and anime character knowledge and name all the characters! If you can’t, the parts consist of Doraemon, Perman, Dorami, Chinpui, Korosuke, and Gonsuke. Also, the Chogattai is carrying two objects, the artists’ red beret hat and pen. Don’t forget about that awesome time machine from the Doraemon series, it’s also included.


Great news! These awesome model will be released in late November!

 Here’s an awesome video that goes along with that awesome news!

source:, YouTube