Sky Deck in Mori Tower

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Seeing what interesting pictures people take from Sky Deck I decided to try it for myself.
Originally the plan was to arrive before sunset and get some nice sunset pictures, but that did not work too good due to some mistakes in travel time calculations and we arrived too late.

It also turned out that you cannot bring a tripod with you to the Sky Deck, and argument over this also took some time.

Finally up at the deck and the sun is not there anymore 🙁
Of course there is a tripod standing in the very good location that turned out to be commercial photographer selling people their pictures with Tokyo view.
Also the rails at the edge of the platform are mostly round so it’s hard to stably put a camera on that, there are some square pieces where different sections connect, but they are few and often already busy.

Just went up, and the sun had already set, sigh.

Tokyo Tower at night

The Sky Deck itself.

Mori Tower at night.

Some small garden at the base of Mori tower

Some surrounding building.

I have more pictures from up there at