Smartphones and tablets to bring new growth to Japan

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Japan sees smartphones and tablets as an economic opportunity, a “springboard to national growth” that could create nearly 340,000 jobs and generate over Y7 trillion ($91 billion) in revenues.

The conclusion belongs to the communications ministry which published it in its 2012 white paper on telecommunications.

Most of this growth will not, however, come directly from the telecommunications industry, but from other sectors, like retailing and service providing businesses, which are going to use the devices and communication services.

“Information technology is our economic growth engine as we work on issues related to reconstruction from last year’s disaster,” communications minister Tatsuo Kawabata said. “Manufacturers have to work toward developing their businesses with an eye on the global market.”

The minister explained that even if Japan is a leader in terms of communication network infrastructure, such as optical fiber, the technology has still to be widely implemented by the public sector and private firms. This is an important reason for the stagnation seen by the sector in the last years, according to the white paper.