Snowstorm death list reaches 23 people in Japan

7 years ago by in Japan

Japan reached up to a number of 23 victims after the most intense snowstorm in the last tens of years hit the country. Suspended transport services, blocked roads, car accidents and people stranded due to 1.1 meters of snow that has fallen on Yamanashi Prefecture in central Japan are the consequence of the massive snowfall.

Regions from the eastern and northeastern part of Japan had less snow and were able to open some blocked roads, but other cities still remain isolated, the local press says. In the mean time, more than 5,500 households in eight prefectures, which includes Tokyo, Shizuoka and some parts of Tohoku and Kanto-Koshin, still have no electrical power.

23 people died in snow related car accidents or from carbon monoxide poisoning as they kept their car engines’ heater switched on to keep them warm while stuck outside in the storm.

On Saturday, Tokyo had around 30 centimeters of snow, while Kofu in the Yamanashi Prefecture, west of Tokyo, saw a record snowfall of 91 centimeters, the highest snow level measured in the last 120 years.