Sony criticized for lifting prices of Whitney Houston’s music after her death

9 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

Sony Music raised the price to Whitney Houston’s music within 30 minutes of her death, raising criticism among fans.

The music became more expensive on electronic retail stores like Apple’s iTunes or Amazon.

Apple was initially blamed by the fans for trying to take advantage of the situation, instead of paying respects to the memory of Whitney Houston, but it was then revealed that the online retailer merely adjusted the price after Sony Music had “lifted the wholesale price”.

The artist’s Ultimate Collection album became more than 60 percent more expensive in the U.K., from £4.99 to £7.99, in the first 30 minutes after her death’s announcement. The price was reduced again at a later time during the weekend.

Sony Music has not yet commented the situation.

Interest in buying music of deceased artists rises suddenly after the news of their death brakes. The most notable example was the jump in sales registered by Michael Jackson’s albums when his fans found out he was dead.