Sony: Portable consoles more interesting in Japan

8 years ago by in Featured, Technology

Japanese gaming fans are shifting toward portable consoles, even if the experts of the industry find it difficult to understand the exact reasons, according to Sony officials.

In the last four or five years there seems to be a much greater focus on portable consoles and this is visible in recent sales of PSP versus PlayStation 3, said the president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House.

Changing of lifestyle may be behind the new trend, House says. “I speak with a lot of games publishers and developers and, to be honest, I don’t think any of us fully understand what is underpinning that trend. Developer creativity in the portable space is a factor but I don’t think that is the only reason. It could be aligned with lifestyle habits and people generally spending more of their time commuting.”

Sony hopes its newly launched portable console Vita will see better sales after its launch in the U.S. and elsewhere, on February 22. The console recorded low sales through the winter holidays in Japan, compared to its rival Nintendo 3DS. The latter became the fastest-selling Japanese console, reaching 5 million units in 52 weeks.