Steve Jobs’ biography released in Japan as Manga

7 years ago by in Entertainment

The Japanese manga adaptation of Steve Jobs’ biography was officially released in Japan on Sunday. Apple CEO’s biography was written by Walter Isaacson and became a bestseller.

The first chapter of the comic serial is available now in the April issue of major manga publisher Kodansha’s Kiss magazine, which is already available at the stands. Kiss a publication targeting mainly late teenaged and adult women.

Yahoo! Japan has already posted a preview of the manga series, with the first 14 pages being available to see on its bookstore site.

According to the international press, the manga seems to respect the Apple CEO’s biography, as  the series begin with Jobs asking Isaacson to write his biography.

Walter Isaacson has written biographies of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein, which is why the writer thinks that Jobs must have a really high sense of self-worth to put forward such a request.

The author would not seriously consider this request until Jobs’ wife, Laurene, calls him to inform him that the Apple cofounder has cancer.

“The remaining panels show Isaacson describing his first impressions of Jobs, an early interview session, and background that sets the stage for the manga’s coming installations,” the international press reports.

The second chapter of Yamazaki’s Steve Jobs manga biography is set to be released in the May issue of Kiss.