Subway Japan releases giant ‘party’ sandwich

7 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

sandwichSubway chain restaurant released a new ‘party’ sandwich in Japan, called “Giant Sub”. The large sized sandwich is available by preorder. Considering Japan’s high appetite for vegetable subs, only certain stores sell the Giant Sub due to its rather fat ingredients, the international press comments.

The sandwich has to be ordered four days in advance, but some locations such as Shinjuku (East Exit) take reservations one or two days before.

The huge sandwich had its dimensions compared to various popular objects, like electronic gadgets. It is about three quarters of an iPhone5’s height, roughly larger than an Xbox360 or an old-style PS3 in total volume, and 1.6 times longer than Wii U GamePads.

To put it another way, its dimensions are bigger than a cat’s, according to the international press.

The recipe is similar to other Subway sandwiches as it includes a range of vegetables that Subway Japan is known for, while adding in the middle of the sandwich a generous amount of meat.

The base price for a Giant Sub is Y2,500 ($29). The price can go up depending on the clients’ topping choices.