Summary of news from Japan 03-14-2011

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Photo by Roberto Maxwell

    • UPDATE: 1:30AM There appears to be a high probability of another explosion at Fukishima plant.
    • Despite trying to cool down all of the reactors at the Fukushima plant, there was another explosion today of reactor #3. The Japanese government is saying that there is little risk of radiation contamination but The New York Times is reporting that radiation have been detected 60 miles off the coast of Iwate [NYT]
    • Scheduled blackouts are were slightly delayed into the evening as power saving efforts by individuals and corporations reduced stress on the grid. [Kyodo]
    • False alarms of a new Tsunami in Iwate of 5-6 meters spread rapidly through twitter and other social media websites. Turns out the false alarm was started by Japanese officials but was quickly retracted. [Herald Sun]
    • $287 Billion dollars in disappeared in a massive selloff on the Tokyo Stock exchange today. The Nikkei fell 6.2% by the end of the day. The number of shares traded today was the highest since WW II [Reuters]
    • If you were planning a trip to Tokyo Disneyland you should know that it has been closed for the next 10 days. [Hollywood Reporter]
    • Japan is apparently now 13 feet larger than it was before the quake. The quake is also likely to have shortened the day by several millionths of a second. [NYT]
    • Rescue teams from all over the world, including China and Russia have begun arriving in Tokyo with Rescue dogs assist in recovery efforts. [LA Times]