Sumo wrestling 相撲

10 years ago by in Travel

On Wednesday January 20th 2010 I went to see Sumo Wrestling for the first time in my life.
I wasn’t too familiar with the sport and all I knew was one basic rule: If one big guy steps or falls out of the circular ring (dohyo), he ‘s out.

For my first Sumo experience I got to see Asashoryu (in black) versus Baruto (in blue) for what was to become a historical bout.

Baruto Kaito is the first Estonian to reach the top divison of Sumo. He ties his Blonde hair up in a chonmage just like any other Japanese or Mongolian wrestler and weighs 188kg for 1m98cm.

Asashoryu Akinoki a notorious Mongolian Sumo Wrestler was forced to retire by the Japanese Sumo Association 2 weeks after I went to see his victory at Ryogoku Kokugikan. He made the news for assaulting a man outside a Roppongi nightclub whilst under the influence of alcohol.

The crowd really got excited for this bout.

Sumo wrestling isn’t just a rigid sport anchored in Japanese culture where two overweight muscular wrestlers try to push one another from a circle. During my first experience of live Sumo, I couldn’t help but to notice how beautiful the colours of the wrestlers and judges kimonos are, as well as the earthly dohyo. I came to the conclusion that the sport was full of warmth and humour that comes from the sumosan themselves – and possibly from its sponsors too.

I now consider myself a Sumo-Fan.