Support for PM Noda at record low

9 years ago by in Japan, Politics

Public pessimism over the effectiveness of government policies led to a new record-low support for prime minister Yoshihiko Noda, according to a survey by broadcaster NHK.

Support for Noda and his government fell to 27 percent, 2 percentage points less than the previous month. About 51 percentage of respondents said they disapprove the current prime minister and government. The new poll was taken between June 8 and 10.

The most visible political campaign currently led by Noda is the proposed doubling of the sales tax to 10 percent, a measure which should ease the nation’s debt burden. Noda is trying to pass this bill and other tax and social security bills by June 21, when the current parliamentary session ends.

About 29 percent of the surveyed voters are opposing Noda’s plan concerning the sales tax, while 25 percent are supporting it.

Another controversial plan of the government, that of restarting two nuclear reactors in Western Japan, is opposed by 32 percent of respondents and supported by 25 percent, according to the quoted survey.