Sushi すし

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Need not any further introduction, that sushi is the most iconic food in Japanese cuisine.
I’m glad that I’m here in Japan to savour authentic sushi at it’s best!

2 types of ebi (shrimp), hotate (scallop), salmon and ikura (salmon roe).

When I first get here was happy to see sushi is available in almost all supermarkets.

If you get the timing right, you can get bargain deal, like this 50% off. Usually it happens 30~60 mins before they closes the shop.

Sushi from supermarket.

Sushi from supermarket.

Sushi from supermarket.

Once in awhile especially during special occasion, I’d goto local sushi restaurant to indulge a little.

Buri (yellowtail) prepared in 3 different styles.

The Maguro (Tuna) family. Akami, Toro Bincho and Negi Toro.

Mix of Toro, Toro Bincho and Salmon.


Ootori, the fattiest part of Tuna belly.

Deep fried shrimp, length almost 20cm!

Anago, an alternative eel to the more popular Unagi.

Gyutan (beef’s tongue)

This is Sakura sushi, which looks like maguro but it’s actually horsemeat.

Was being treated a round of sushi recently….

… and oh boy this is the best sushi I ever had so far!

Uni (sea urchin) tasted great when served fresh.

juicy Ikura (Salmon roe)

Besides sushi, I do love sashimi too.
Clockwise from top: Maguro akami (tuna), Tako (octopus), wasabi, Ama Ebi (sweet shrimp), Ika (squid), Ebiko (flying fish roe), Salmon.

But somehow it usually cost more than sushi so can’t really enjoy it as often as sushi.

My highest record so far…. 17 plates.
This record was set at a 100 yen sushi restaurant with weekday promotion at 90 yen per plate, so it’s still not so bad for the wallet.

Me, at my favourite sushi restaurant near my Japanese language school.
Am missing those great days of indulging delicious and affordable sushi in Tokyo.

On my personal blog I’ve written my experience of eating out at the sushi restaurant for the first time.