Tak Sakaguchi to marry Maya Fukuzawa in November !

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Japanese Actor Tak Sakaguchi and Actress/Producer Maya Fukuzawa have set a wedding date. The couple who have been dating for Four years will marry on Nov. 2 in Ishikawa, Japan.

“Tak was born in Ishikawa, the city he loves, and he’s marrying Maya, the love of his lifetime” Sakaguchi’s reps said in a statement.

Fukuzawa — who met Tak on “Mutant Girls Squad’s” set – is the daughter of the Japanese director Katsuo Fukuzawa. In 2008 she had an affair with the Japanese actor Shôta Matsuda, after 10 months they got separated. Sakaguchi recently worked on an Japanese action movie entitled “Osaka Jadou” and the “Rurouni Kenshin” sequel alongside his fiancé Maya.