Ten Ways to Tell if You’re Ijiwaru Gaijin

9 years ago by in Travel

1. When Japanese people knock on your door bearing religious treatises, you try to convert them.

2. You’ve secretly taken photographs of male pattern baldness on the subway or train.

3. You’ve eaten three times your norm at the all-you-can-eat buffet just because you can.

4. You’ve farted silently on a crowded train but made faces like the salaryman next to you did it.

5. You’ve gotten into the o-furo without washing first.

6. You’ve sprayed water all over the toilet by hitting the wrong button on the Washlet but pretended like you didn’t do it.

7. You’ve pushed the button that makes the flushing sound in public toilets twice as many times as necessary just to be funny.

8. You’ve taken photographs in places where the signs clearly say, “No Photography” because you knew the security ojisan wouldn’t do anything.

9. You delight in reading/writing obscure kanji that your Japanese friends can’t.

10. You’ve inserted an “Engrish” phrase into a document just because you knew no one would notice.

Originally published on invisiblegaijin.com