The day of Tokyo marathon 2011

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Joseph Tame running the Tokyo marathon streaming live his race! A great project featured all around the world!!!

I was part of the Rally point group..( Heather, Jesse, Derek, Jim and Vivi) Helping Joseph at 10, 21 and 35 km points with food, drink, batteries and support!

It was a very fun day, running from the Tokyo imperial palace, the first meeting point, to Ginza apple store, the second meeting point, passing by Tokyo underground over crowded!

Joseph decided to go to the Apple store (video) for a short pitstop and surprised everybody!

Then we had to run to the third meeting point at Harumi Dori Ginza, the 35km point..

There we had a surprise for Joseph….. a gang of cheerleaders (video) from 女子美術大学 チアダンス部 SPIRiTS “Joshibi College Cheerleading Squad ”

It was a great experience, lot of fun, and we also made a little marathon running from point to point ^_^
Working with all the support team was really awesome, thanks everybody!

We were also very lucky with the weather! it was just PERFECT.. and the day after, Monday, it s was raining/snowing and really cold!

The Tokyo marathon 2011 was blessed lol


また来年ね (笑)

and BIG RESPECT to Phil, who was running to entire marathon near Joseph, helping for everything.. Well done matey!

Looking the pictures, I am asking myself " is it a marathon or a carnival??? " ^_^