The Hub

10 years ago by in Travel

Out of all the watering holes I go to, The Hub has to be one of my favourites. Sure it’s very cheesy but the drinks are cheap and you are bound to meet an interesting crowd. Spread across the Kanto and Kansai regions I suppose that’s why I like going there, because like McDonalds or your favourite chain you know what to expect no matter which one you go to.

You can try your luck and ask the staff to make you drinks that are not on the menu.

Prepping up for the World Cup, the Hub will most definitely show the matches like every other bar with a TV, so expect the place to be overly crowded.

I usually start the session with a couple of Spiritus based Tarantulas.

Like I mentioned you can meet an interesting group of people in The Hub. For example Robert Jay who is a singer in Germany. He and his manager were in Tokyo doing a cover of an Okinawan song. Obviously, I had no idea who he was.

OK, I’m not sure about this, but The Hub is the only drinking place I know which offers a point card. The card gets you a discount on your purchase and you get points at the same time. Points are traded for ‘Hub cash’ which you can use in any Hub. For example, 10,000 points gets you 7,000 yennies worth of ‘Hub cash’. An encouragement to drink more? There are 3 types of card:

  • black = 5% discount
  • gold = 7% discount
  • white = 10% discount. Unforunately, this is only available to the staff who works at The Hub