Tohoku Emotion, the new train of ‘food, art and scenery’

8 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

tohoku-emotion“Tohoku Emotion”, presented last week in Japan, is a unique train where the journey is the star. The train is combining “food, art and scenery”, according to the Japanese press, while the passengers are encouraged to travel through Northeastern Japan’s countryside and try some of the local food prepared right in front their eyes.

The special train will start operating at the end of this autumn, making trips across the Northeast Japan about 150 days a year. It will also work on weekends, on public holidays and on Japan’s “golden week” holiday period in May.

Also called “a traveling restaurant”, the train can seat 48 diners at a time. The hungry tourists will be able to travel inside a “live kitchen” car, where dishes will be prepared in front of them. The food’s ingredients will come from local areas, while the dishes will be based on traditional recipes.

The train also features a carriage made up entirely of private box compartments where travelers can sleep or spend some quiet time.